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About Lummi Stepping Stones
Lummi Stepping Stones (LSS) is a self sustaining 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization sponsored under the Lhaq’temish Foundation. LSS was created and formed by a few action oriented community members who were focused on addressing the unmet need for Native Americans who are affected by homelessness on and off the reservation. Our doors first opened in the winter on December 6, 2016 and has since grew to additional locations.  We  provide on average 50/60 men, woman and children who are affected by homelessness for a variety of reasons.

A core belief of LSS is that “a persons past does not define their future” and that with a little love, compassion, and a hand up and not a hand out, can go along way in allowing our people to redefine their foundation for a brighter future.

Lummi Stepping Stones grew to establish two homes, A Le Lang “Our People’s Home”, Ne’Wi Leng “Welcoming Home”, and two tiny homes. These are lead by six experienced volunteer managers with founder and Lummi Council member, Nickolaus Lewis, helping lead at the frontline. LSS collaborates with a variety tribal, neighboring tribal, urban Indian, and non tribal programs and services on and off the reservation. Our focus is client centered towards healing of the mind, body and spirit for those who are ready to build their future on a solid foundation.

All LSS homes, residents, and volunteers are of drug and alcohol and bully free environments.  Applicants and residents are required to obtain a Chemical Dependency Evaluation, Behavioral Health Evaluation, engage in community volunteer services, and contribute some form of rental assistance for the homes daily operations.

Since establishing the organization, LSS has had 15 families and individuals transition successfully (14 adults – 21 youth – 3 new born babies). An additional area is collaborating with tribal and state CPS in providing the space to reuniting families and LSS assisted successfully 1 reunification and 2 pending reunification.  These will only increase with enhanced programming.

Updated 6/27/18